How to create an inspiring workspace at home.

The number of Britons ditching the commute in favour of more flexible working from the comfort of their own home has risen by nearly 250,000 in the last decade. This shift in work practice has created a demand for spare bedrooms to be converted into home offices or surplus corners of living areas modified into dynamic workspaces. In our latest blog, we’re offering tips on how to utilise your property to boost your inspiration and productivity at home. We talk to Hannah Ward, owner and manager of Henley’s very own contemporary furniture and lighting store CentralHome, who offers her advice and knowledge on creative home workspaces.

Take a risk assessment

As any credible employer would, carry out a risk assessment of your workspace, paying attention to your chair and desk set up. Unsuitable seating can cause you to adopt an awkward posture which can lead to injury so invest in a chair which supports your lower back, ensure your feet are flat on the floor and check your computer screen is at eye level. Investing in a practical chair you really want to sit on will make working from home all the sweeter.

Be practical

The chances are, if you’re a fan of Pinterest then your ‘Cool Home Office’ board will be overflowing with fancy desk decoration and impractical furniture. Remember to put functionality above beauty as most Pinterest-worthy offices won’t serve you a 40-hour week. Hannah Ward of CentralHome says “choosing the right furniture is really important. Clean lines, clever storage and good, comfortable design are things to consider. A balance between ergonomics, aesthetics and organisation are key to a great working environment”.

Choose your space wisely

If you have the luxury of choosing a whole room to create your home headquarters then pick the one with lots of natural light. Don’t make the mistake of picking the darkest corner to position the desk, which can create a cubical-like space. Embrace the light and place your desk close to a window – this gives you a reason to give your eyes a break from screen time to enjoy the view outside.

Bring the outside in

House plants can instantly add colour and soften the harsh lines of practical office furniture. “A home office should feel like part of the home and not too much like walking into ‘the office’” says Hannah. So, think Pantone 2017 and add some Greenery to your room.

Don’t forget additional lighting

You can’t always rely on natural light, especially if you’re burning the midnight oil. Invest in a desk lamp which ties together the theme of your work area. Hannah mentions that “lighting is incredibly important, ensuring your space is well illuminated with both natural and task lighting can improve any work area”

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