The Demise of the Dining Room

Glance at the floor plans of virtually any house for sale today and you are likely to find a room labelled ‘dining room,’ but often this corner of the home is a redundant space, and could be put to better use.


65% of Brits say their dining room is no longer used merely for dining, so unless you are living in a large and rambling country house, it’s likely that you could reconfigure your downstairs living space and get more out of your precious square footage.


  • Only just over half (52%) of homebuyers surveyed in a poll considered a dining room to be a necessity when house hunting
  • 44% reported that they mostly ate meals in their living room whilst 32% said that they still ate in their dining room regularly
  • 26% use their dining rooms for special occasions
  • 18% use theirs for storage


As you might expect, dining rooms are most popular among the older generations: 59% of over-55s citing it as a key feature whist two thirds of under-25s do not see a dining room as important when buying or renting a property. The rise of on-demand TV like Netflix probably has much to do with this, with 45% of British people settling down to their evening meal in front of the television these days. Bearing these stats in mind it is worth considering your target market if you are selling your property, and presenting your dining room space accordingly.

Up until the early 20th century the kitchen was firmly servants’ domain in large family homes, whilst the family would take their meals in the dining room. Alas, things have changed over the centuries and kitchen-diners have evolved as a smarter way to save on space and enable families and friends to spend time together while someone is doing the cooking. So whether you’re thinking of selling or if you’re trying to make optimal use of your new home, let us help you reconsider the way you use your dining room.


Play Room

Tripping over toys and Lego all day? Consider creating a playroom or den in your dining room, where the space is still useable for meals when necessary. Modular storage systems or inbuilt cupboards will enable you to tidy away all the clutter when you want to host friends and family in there.


Parents’ Room

And why not? If the children rule the living room, why not create a snug and stylish space for grown ups to retreat to where all things Duplo are banned? Parents of teenagers increasingly crave their own sanctified space in the evenings when bedtimes stretch out and later and later. Finally, a chance to purchase that cream sofa…


Work Space

More of us work from home these days, too. Whilst guest bedrooms and box rooms make super home offices and consulting rooms if there’s a bedroom going spare, sometimes the kitchen table has to do. But if your dining room stands largely empty except for family lunches, dinner parties and special occasions you might be better off transforming it into a proper work-space.  Whether you’re a beauty therapist or a home tutor, or if you simply work remotely a couple of days a week, a dedicated space for your work – where you can shut yourself away from the distractions of the wider home – will be an asset to you and appealing to a broad spectrum of buyers when you come to sell.