Festive touches to make your house more saleable in December.

We all know a freshly cleaned, decluttered house will raise your chances of a sale. Attractively staging your house for prospective buyers will make them fall in love and go running to their bank manager. However, a house with dirt and clutter, bad lighting and no personality will lower your chances of getting the price you want, or indeed getting an offer.

If you don’t have the time to clean, hire someone to take the stress off your hands. There are several recommended cleaning companies in and around Henley happy to help. Make sure you stay on top of clutter, keep an eye on accumulating children’s toys, clothes and sports equipment and take a trip to the recycling centre if you need to.  Once your house is free of mess, sprinkle over some festive, feel-good magic to make it most attractive to your would-be buyers. These are our recommended ways to entice a buyer over the winter period.

Dress your house

As you would for a special occasion, dress the front of your house to make it look its best. Decorate your window with tasteful fairy lights and don your front door with a beautiful festive wreath. Tidy away muddy wellies and children’s toys from your porch, clean conservatory windows and don’t forget to cut back that unruly hedge, too!  First impressions count.

Light some candles

A burning candle can add atmosphere to a dull room. Soft lighting is flattering and romantic, rousing emotion to your would-be buyers. It’s been said that the smell of vanilla evokes the feel-good hormone, and encourages spending! Chose warm and spicy scents like fig, cardamom, cinnamon and citrus for your next open house. Henley has several shops which sell deliciously scented candles, they make great stocking-fillers too!

Add some magic to your kitchen

Most commonly the deal breaker, the kitchen is the most important room to get right, it must look and function its best make sure you get that much-needed sale. Ensure leaky taps are fixed and surfaces are clean. If you’re hosting an open house, get a pot of freshly ground coffee on the go and if you’re feeling indulgent warm some mince pies in the oven. Offering viewers some food and drink will make them feel welcome, and will fill the house with a delicious, Christmassy aroma.

Bring the outdoors in

If your tree isn’t ready, decorate your house with plants and flowers. A carefully placed vase of blooms in a plain white-tiled bathroom can make a huge difference. Succulents on your window sill will fill an otherwise bare space. Your taste in decorations might not chime with your prospective buyers so if your tree is up, stick to a simple colour theme like gold and silver. Add more colour and personality when viewing time is over.

For more hints and tips on getting that sale you need this winter, give us a call on 01491 411066, we would be happy to help.