How to make the most of small spaces.

The new year brings new resolutions and a chance to start afresh – a perfect time to declutter and update your home décor. Whether you live in a quintessential studio apartment, a cosy cottage or you simply wish to open up a small room in your house, these small space ideas will help you decorate in 2017 for maximum functionality, in minimum square footage.

Think big

A cosy room cluttered with small, inefficient furniture will look busy. Choose large, statement pieces to maximise its potential. Filling a small room with large furniture may seem counterintuitive, but carefully selected larger items will fill the space and give a sense of grandeur.



Mirror, mirror

Maximise light in a small room by creating reflections with mirrors and glass. Bouncing light around a petite room will widen the view. Choose a glass coffee table over a wooden one. Hanging mirrors and glass-framed art higher up the wall will also give the illusion of higher walls and a loftier feel.



Smart storage

Multi-use storage is a must for pint-sized rooms. Built-in and floating shelves elongate the line of the room and provide a home for books and trinkets, while a cleverly designed bed, sofa or window seat can double up as storage for bulkier items. Feed your inner obsessive compulsive desires with an organised kitchen and bathroom, where everything has its place. Oversized under-counter drawers is a smart way to store large crockery while decorative boxes and baskets become a home to towels and toiletries.



Vertical lines

Adding vertical lines creates height – tall house plants can soften harsh lines and add fun and colour to your humble room. A small garden can still produce a plentiful crop with the use of some clever green-fingered hacks. Use old wooden pallets vertically as herb planters. Hang terracotta pots or painted tins from the wall for an instant splash of colour.





Tone on tone

Soft, light tones paired in a small room fool with eye into thinking they are larger than they are. Textures like tile and wood in tonal colours throughout a room creates interest, light and space. Bold patterns and dark colours used in a compact space with dramatic pendant lighting or floor to ceiling curtains draw the eye towards the ceiling, giving the illusion of space.



We hope this information has been useful for you and if you have your own ideas or tried and tested methods feel free and leave a comment and it could feature in one of our upcoming blogs.