New Year’s Resolutions 2018: SELL YOUR HOUSE

Whether you’ve tried in vain in 2017 to sell your property or if you’re gearing up to sell in 2018, you can use the Christmas break to start preparing for your ultimate New Year’s resolution. Let’s make this one a resolution you keep to: here are some top tips for selling success.


  1. Improve

 The added bonus of getting odd household jobs done before Christmas means that the house looks great AT Christmas, when you’re spending more time at home and entertaining friends and family. If you can’t get those odds and ends done before Christmas, use the down-time between then and New Year to get cracking, whether it’s a lick of paint in the hallway, new balustrades on the landing, a new knocker for the front door, or a top-to-bottom deep clean.


  1. Clean

 Talking of cleaning, you can burn 170 calories during an hour of light cleaning, so you can forget the shiny new gym membership and kill two birds with one stone if you take on the cleaning yourself. Get the whole family involved. Empty all cupboards, sugar-soap skirting boards and doors, and dust those hard-to-reach corners and crevices. Hire a professional carpet cleaner and blitz the floors, launder all sofa covers and curtains, and polish the windows.


  1. Rearrange

 Start to present your home as a blank slate for prospective buyers to imagine for themselves. This means starting to let go of sentimental clutter that might make it hard for you to see the sale of your home for what it is: a business transaction. Equally, a sitting room crammed full of family photographs and a kitchen swathed in children’s artwork could distract buyers from seeing the potential behind the room, and keep them from seeing the property as somewhere that they could call home.


  1. Seek Opinions

 Your home will likely see a larger footfall as you open your doors to friends and family throughout the month of December. Use this time as an opportunity to canvass opinion from as many people as possible, and use them to try and see your house through fresh eyes. Ask visitors which areas of each room they are drawn to: what appeals and what could be improved. Is the lighting in the kitchen right? Is the painting hanging in the hallway too imposing? Should you change the box room into a study or leave it as a room for ironing and storage? You know your home inside out but the impressions of visitors can be really useful when you’re preparing to sell a house. Tell them they can be as honest as they like!